第壹部分: 選擇題( 占72分)
一 、 詞 彙 ( 占 10分)


You’ll need the store ______ to show proof of purchase if you want to return any items you bought.

  (A) credit (B) guide (C) license

(D) receipt



  (A) 信用 (B) 引導 (C) 執照

(D) 收據



Spending most of his childhood in Spain, John, a native speaker of English, is also ______ in Spanish.

  (A) promising (B) grateful (C) fluent

(D) definite


在西班牙渡過他大部份的童年的John,一位以英文為母語的人,西班牙文也 ______。

  (A) 有希望的 (B) 感激的 (C) 流利的 (D) 明確的 答:C

a native speaker of English是一個插入的片語,先把它拿掉,簡化一下句子:


Spending most of his childhood in Spain, John is also fluent in Spanish.

    分詞片語(文法書p.142) 主詞 動詞 形容詞  


The mirror slipped out of the little girl’s hand, and the broken pieces ______ all over the floor.

  (A) scattered (B) circulated (C) featured (D) released


鏡子從小女孩的手中滑落,而且碎片 ______ 整個地板。

  (A) 散落 (B) 流通 (C) 展現…特色 (D) 釋放出 答:A


No one knows how the fire broke out. The police have started an ______ into the cause of it.

  (A) appreciation (B) extension (C) operation (D) investigation

  沒有人知道火災怎麼爆發出來的。警方已經開始一個起火的原因的 ______。
  (A) 感謝 (B) 延長 (C) 行動 (D) 調查 答:D


When there is a heavy rain, you have to drive very ______ so as to avoid traffic accidents.

  (A) cautiously (B) recklessly (C) smoothly (D) passively



  (A) 謹慎地 (B) 不小心地 (C) 平順地 (D) 被動地 答:A


We decided to buy some ______ for our new apartment, including a refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner, and a dishwasher.

  (A) utensils (B) facilities (C) appliances (D) extensions



  (A) (鍋碗…)器皿 (B) 設施 (C) (電器…)器具 (D) 電話分機 答:C

(refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher 都是電器產品,所以要選appliances)


This math class is very ______; I have to spend at least two hours every day doing the assignments.

  (A) confidential (B) logical (C) demanding (D) resistant



  (A) 有信心的 (B) 邏輯的 (C) 要求(嚴格)的

(D) 抵抗的



One can generally judge the quality of eggs with the naked eye. ______, good eggs must be clean, free of cracks, and smooth-shelled.

  (A) Agriculturally (B) Externally (C) Influentially (D) Occasionally



  (A) 農業地 (B) 外部地 (C) 有影響地 (D) 偶而地 答:B


The scientist ______ his speech to make it easier for children to understand the threat of global warming.

  (A) estimated (B) documented (C) abolished (D) modified



  (A) 估計 (B) 做成文字記載 (C) 廢除 (D) 修改 答:D


The Internet has ______ newspapers as a medium of mass communication. It has become the main source for national and international news for people.

  (A) reformed (B) surpassed (C) promoted (D) convinced



  (A) 改革 (B) 勝過 (C) 促進 (D) 使相信 答:B

二、綜合測驗( 占10分)

第11 至15 題為題組
Keele University in the United Kingdom has developed a “virtual patient,” created by a computer, to help train the pharmacists of the future. Students in the university’s School of  11  work with the “patient” to gain experience in effective communication and decision-making.
Students talk with the “patient” directly or by typing questions into a computer. The “patient” responds verbally or with gestures to indicate  12  such as pain, stress or anxiety. As a result, students are forced to communicate clearly  13  that the “patient” understands them completely. The Virtual Patient can also be used to explore various medical situations. For example, the “patient” can be programmed to be allergic to certain medicine and can  14  serious reactions if student learners are not aware of the situation. This kind of practice allows students to learn from mistakes in a safe environment that would not be  15  with textbooks alone. The unique system can both be used in a classroom setting or for distance learning.

11. (A) Education (B) Business (C) Pharmacy

(D) Humanities

12. (A) expressions (B) emotions (C) elements (D) events
13. (A) in order (B) in return (C) in case (D) in addition
14. (A) adapt to (B) break into (C) provide with (D) suffer from
15. (A) exciting (B) necessary (C) possible (D) important

      英國的Keele 大學已經發展出由電腦創造出來的一位”虛擬病人”以幫助訓練未來的藥劑師們。大學  11  院的學生可以和這位虛擬病人有效的溝通和(投藥)決定而學到經驗。
學生和這位”病人”直接交談或用電腦打字提出問題。”病人”以口頭回答或以手勢表示  12 例如痛楚、壓力或焦慮。結果,學生不得不用清楚的溝通  13  ”病人”能完全瞭解他們。虛擬病人也可以用來探索各種的醫療情形。例如”病人”可以輸入對特定藥物過敏的程式,如果學生不瞭解情況的話,(”病人”)就會 14  這些嚴重的反應。這類的實習可以讓學生在一個安全的還環境中學習到錯誤,這個(安全環境)是僅靠教科書本不會是  15  。這個獨特的系統可以用於教室,也可以用於遠距學習。

11. (A) 教育 (B) 商業 (C) 藥劑 (D) 人道 答:C

(School of Pharmacy是藥劑學院)

12. (A) 表情 (B) 情緒 (C) 成份 (D) 事件 答:B

pain(痛楚), stress(壓力) or anxiety(焦慮)都是心理上的情緒,所以要選emotions)

13. (A) 為了 (B) 回報 (C) 在什麼情況下 (D) 另外 答:A

…students are forced to communicate clearly in order that the “patient” understands

  主詞 動詞 從屬連接詞 主詞 動詞
  them completely.

本句的 in order that 是當作從屬連接詞(文法書p.335)使用,表示目的或結果。

14. (A) 適應 (B)闖入 (C) 提供

(D) 遭受


15. (A) 興奮的 (B) 必要的 (C) 可能的 (D) 重要的 答:C

第16 至20 題為題組
In spite of modernization and the increasing role of women in all walks of life, the practice of the dowry in India is still widespread. The dowry system, money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage, was started centuries ago with the intention of providing security for a girl  16  difficulties and unexpected circumstances after marriage. For this purpose, the parents gave  17  they could to their daughter, which consequently went to the groom’s family. By the beginning of the 21st century, however, the custom had deteriorated to a point whereby the groom and his family had become very 18 .  When demands for dowry are not met, the bride is  19  torture, and often even killed. The more educated a man is, the  20  is the expectation for dowry at the time of marriage. Girls who are highly educated are required to have larger dowries because they usually marry more educated men.

16. (A) due to (B) apart from (C) in case of (D) with reference to
17. (A) whoever (B) whenever (C) whatever

(D) whichever

18. (A) greedy (B) pleasant (C) regretful (D) sympathetic
19. (A) aware of (B) required by (C) furious with (D) subject to
20. (A) lower (B) higher (C) better (D) worse

     儘管婦女的現代話和在芸芸眾生中扮演角色的增加,印度的嫁妝習慣仍然普遍。嫁妝制度,新娘在結婚時帶來給新郎的金錢或財產,在幾百年前就有了,目的是提供女孩在結婚後  16  困難和不可預料的情況下的安全。為了達到這個目的,父母盡他們 17 所有給他們的女兒,結果這些都進入了新郎的家人手中。即使到了21世紀初,這個習慣已經惡化到一個新郎和他的家人變得非常  18  的地步。當嫁妝的要求沒有被達到,新娘會  19  折磨,而且經常甚至被殺死。男子教育程度愈高,結婚時嫁妝的期望就愈  20 。教育程度高的女孩被要求更大的嫁妝,因為她們通常嫁給教育程度更高的男人。

16. (A) 由於 (B) 除了…之外 (C) 在…情況下 (D) 和…有關 答:C

(本題的due to, apart from, in case of, with reference to 都是複合介係詞,文法書p.355)

17. (A) whoever (B) whenever (C) whatever (D) whichever 答:C

the parents gave whatever they could to their daughter

  主詞 動詞      
  主要子句 從屬名詞子句  

whatever they could to their daughter是由不定關係代名詞whatever(文法書p.219-220)所帶領的從屬名詞子句;

18. (A) 貪婪的 (B) 愉快的 (C) 後悔的 (D) 同情的 答:A

19. (A) 瞭解到 (B) 被…要求 (C) 和…生氣 (D) 遭受到 答:D

20. (A) 較低 (B) 較高 (C) 較好 (D) 較壞 答:B

三、文意選填( 1 0 分)
說明:第21至30題,每題一個空格。請依文意在文章後所提供的 (A) 到 (J) 選項中分別選出最適當者,並將其字母代號標示在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。每題答對得1分,答錯或劃記多於一個選項者倒扣1/9分,倒扣到本大題之實得分數為零為止。未作答者,不給分亦不扣分。

第21 至30 題為題組

     Oniomania is the technical term for the compulsive desire to shop, more commonly referred to as compulsive shopping or shopping addiction. Victims often experience feelings of  21  when they are in the process of purchasing, which seems to give their life meaning while letting them forget about their sorrows. Once  22  the environment where the purchasing occurred, the feeling of a personal reward would be gone. To compensate, the addicted person would go shopping again. Eventually a feeling of suppression will overcome the person. For example, cases have shown that the bought goods will be hidden or destroyed, because the person concerned feels  23  of their addiction and tries to conceal it. He or she is either regretful or depressed. In order to cope with the feelings, the addicted person is prompted to  24  another purchase.
Compulsive shopping often begins at an early age. Children who experienced parental neglect often grew up with low  25  because throughout much of their childhood they felt that they were not important as a person. As a result, they used toys to  26  their feelings of loneliness. Because of the ongoing sentiment of deprivation they endured as children, adults that have depended on materials for emotional  27  when they were much younger are more likely to become addicted to shopping. During adulthood, the purchase, instead of the toy, is substituted for  28 . The victims are unable to deal with their everyday problems, especially those that alter their self-esteem. Important issues in their lives are repressed by  29  something. According to studies, as many as 8.9 percent of the American population  30  as compulsive buyers. Research has also found that men and women suffer from this problem at about the same rate.

(A) support (B) qualify (C) affection (D) ashamed (E) make up for
(F) leaving (G) turn to (H) buying (I) self-esteem (J) contentment

   購物症是心理上無法控制欲望去購買東西的一個術語,通常被稱為購物痴或購物狂。患者通常會體驗到有  21  的感覺當他們在進行買東西的時候,這就好像是給了他們生活的意義,讓他們忘記了他們的痛苦。一旦  22  購物場景,那種個人得到報償的感受就消失了。為了補償,上癮的人會再去購物。到最後,一種壓抑的感覺將會打敗這個人。例如,有些案例顯示買來的東西會被藏起來或被毀壞掉,因為相關的這些人對他們的壞習慣感到  23  並且企圖去隱藏它。他或她不是後悔就是憂鬱。為了去對抗這種感覺,上癮的人立刻就會去  24  另一次的購物。
購物症通常從幼年開始。那些被父母忽視的兒童經常伴隨著低  25  ,因為大部分他們的的童年,他們覺得自己是一位不重要的人。結果,他們以玩具去  26  他們的孤獨的感受。由於他們在孩提時期不斷忍受的剝奪情緒,那些現在已經以物質作為情感上  27  的成年人,在他們愈年輕的時後候愈是容易成為購物狂。在成年時期,不是玩具了,而是購物取代了  28 。他們人生的重要事情都被  29  東西抑制住了。依據這些研究,有8.9%的美國人  30  是購物狂。研究也發現,男女遭受有這種問題的人比率差不多。

(A) 支持 (B) 合格 (C) 關愛 (D) 羞恥

(E) 補償

(F) 離開 (G) 轉而 (H) 購買 ( I ) 自信、自尊 ( J ) 滿足

註: 本題的Oniomania 單字,千萬不要一看到不認識就害怕,因為考生中大概也沒有幾個人會認得它。文章中其他的單字都是常用字,只要耐心看看前後文,就大概猜得出是什麼意思了。

21. 答:(J) contentment    n. 滿足

22. 答:(F) leaving    現在分詞  離開

Once leaving the environment where the purchasing occurred,

    不完全從屬副詞子句   從屬形容詞子句(文法書p.319)  

the feeling of a personal reward would be gone.


Once (he or she is) leaving the environment省略了he or she is,是一個不完全從屬副詞子句(文法書p.341);
答案中只有 (F) leaving 和 (H) buying 是現在分詞,按題義要選 (F) leaving

23. 答: (D)  ashamed  adj. 羞恥

 …because the person concerned feels ashamed of their addiction and

    主詞 動詞 主詞補語 對等連接詞  

(the person concerned) tries to conceal it.

    主詞 動詞    
  1. 由對等連接詞and所連接的二個子句,可以省略相同的部份(the person concerned);文法書p.330
  2. concerned 是分詞(文法書p.140),當作形容詞使用,用來修飾person;
the person concerned 是形容詞置放在名詞後面的用法;文法書p.242 


ashamed 是分詞,當作形容詞使用。

24. 答:(G) turn to    轉而

..., the addicted person is prompted to turn to another purchase.

    主詞 動詞 形容詞 不定詞 介係詞片語

25. 答:(I) self-esteem    自信、自尊

Children who experienced parental neglect often grew up with low self-esteem….

  主詞   從屬形容詞子句 動詞 介係詞片語  

(with low self-esteem 有自卑感)

26. 答:(E) make up   補償

As a result, they used toys to make up for their feelings of loneliness.

  主詞 動詞 受詞 不定詞片語    

27. 答:(A) support  n. 支持

..., adults that have depended on materials for emotional support

  從屬形容詞子句   介係詞片語  

when they were much younger are more likely to become addicted to shopping.

  從屬副詞子句     主要子句    

28. 答:(C) affection   n. 關愛

During adulthood, the purchase, instead of the toy, is substituted for affection.

  介係詞片語   主詞 介係詞片語 動詞 介係詞片語

is substituted 是被動式;for是「當作」的意思;purchase(購買)被用來代替了affection(關愛)

the affection is replaced by the purchase.

29. 答:(H)  buying   動名詞 購買

Important issues in their lives are repressed by buying something.

    主詞 介係詞片語 動詞 介係詞片語  

buying something 是動名詞片語,動名詞片語就是當作名詞使用;文法書p.149
答案中只有(F) leaving (H) buying 有ing,按題義是選 (H) buying

30. 答:(B)  qualify  v. 合格

..., as many as 8.9 percent of the American population qualify as compulsive buyers

    主詞 分詞片語 動詞 分詞片語  

1.  percent 的單複數是同型,文法書p.191;
2. 本句的主詞percent是當作複數使用,現在式動詞要用原型動詞,文法書p.54;答案中qualify原型動詞,所以它就是正確答案。

四、篇章結構( 10分)
說明:第31至35題,每題一個空格。請依文意在文章後所提供的 (A) 到 (E) 選項中分別選出最適當者,填入空格中,使篇章結構清晰有條理,並將其英文字母代號標示在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。每題答對得2分,答錯或劃記多於一個選項者倒扣1/2分,倒扣到本大題之實得分數為零為止。未作答者,不給分亦不扣分。

第31 至35 題為題組
There was a time when Whitney didn’t have a lot of friends. She was a bit shy and reserved.  31  All through high school, though, she wasn’t able to make good friends or find companionship.
When it was time to go to college, Whitney was quite nervous. She was going to be rooming with someone she didn’t know and living in a town 300 miles away from home. There wouldn’t be a single person she knew in town.  32
The first week of classes, something happened that changed Whitney’s life forever. 33  She told everyone where she came from and all of the other ordinary details that students share in such situations. The final question for each student to answer was, “what is your goal for this class?” Most of the students said that they would like to get a good grade, pass the class or something similar.  34  She said that her goal was to make just one good friend.
While most of the students sat in silence, one student came to Whitney and held out her hand and introduced herself. She asked if they could be friends. The whole room was silent. All eyes focused on Whitney and the hand extended just in front of her.  35
Whitney learned the power of asking for what she wanted and taking action on that day.


For some reason, Whitney said something entirely different.


Whitney smiled and stretched her hand out and a friendship was formed.


She had no idea how she was going to make friends in this new environment.


In her English Composition class, she was asked to share a little about herself.


She never really wanted to be popular, but she did want to have someone to share secrets and laughs with.

      有一段時間Whitney沒有什麼朋友。她有一些害羞和保守。_31   整個高中時代,她都不能交到好朋友或找到友情。
上課的第一個星期,發生了一件永遠改變了Whitney人生的事情。  33  她告訴大家她是那裡的人和學生們通常遭遇到的一般事情。每一位學生要回答的最後一個問題是:你/妳在這個班級的目標是什麼?大多數的學生都說他/她們想要拿到好分數、及格或類似的事情。
 34  她說她的目標只是要交到一個好朋友。
當大多數學生安靜坐著時候,有一位學生向Whitney走過來、伸出她的手並介紹她自己。她說她們是否可以成為朋友。整個教室內是一片安靜。所以的眼睛都集中在Whitney和伸在她前面的那隻手。  35


基於某些原因Whitney 說了一些完全不同的事情。


Whitney 笑了並伸出她的手,友誼就交成了。







答: 31. E      32. C     33. D     34. A      35. B

五、閱讀測驗( 32分)

第36 至39 題為題組
April 22, 2010 will be the 18th celebration of the annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day (TOD), a project the National Ms. Foundation for Women of America (NFW) developed to expose girls to expanding opportunities for women in the workplace.
The program offers millions of girls a first-hand view of the many career opportunities available in their futures. Now that women make up 46 percent of the U.S. workforce, girls can find role models in every occupational field—from politics to molecular biology to professional athletics, to name just a few. TOD encourages girls to focus on their abilities and opportunities, not just their appearance.
The NFW developed the project more than a decade ago to address the self-esteem problems that many girls experience when they enter adolescence. At school, boys often receive more encouragement in the classroom, especially in math, science and computer science, the academic fields that tend to lead to the highest salaries. Women receive on average only 73 cents for every dollar that men are paid, and remain vastly underrepresented in top executive positions and technology fields. TOD aims to give girls the confidence and inspiration they need to develop successful careers, particularly in non-traditional fields.
Perhaps because the program had become so widespread and successful, TOD had been criticized for excluding boys, and it was expanded in 2003 to include boys. The program’s official website states that the program was changed in order to provide both boys and girls with opportunities to explore careers at an age when they are more flexible in terms of gender stereotyped roles. “We should also show boys that becoming a child care provider is as acceptable a choice as becoming a police officer or CEO,” added Sara K. Gould, executive director of the NFW.


The purpose for having a Take Our Daughters to Work Day is ______.


(A) to encourage girls to pursue top paying jobs


(B) to let girls spend more time with their mothers


(C) to show girls possibilities for work and careers


(D) to give girls a chance to visit their mothers’ offices


TOD was criticized because some people ______.


(A) thought it was not fair to boys


(B) did not like having children at work


(C) did not have daughters to take to work


(D) would rather have their daughters stay at home


列印下載 :PDF檔案 534KB
98 college exam.pdf


Which of the following is true according to the passage?


(A) Boys are now included on Take Our Daughters to Work Day.


(B) Women and men have always been treated equally at work.


(C) Homemaking and rearing children are jobs for girls only.


(D) Girls grow up receiving more attention than boys.


Why are women underrepresented in some fields such as technology?


(A) They are not interested in these fields.


(B) They are not encouraged to work in these fields.


(C) They are not paid the same as men in these fields.


(D) They are not allowed to be educated in these fields.

這項活動提供數以百萬計的女生對她們未來眾多工作機會的第一手觀察。現今美國女性勞工有46%,女生可以在許多職業中 - 隨便舉幾個例,從政治到生物細胞到職業選手 - 找到角色範例。帶你女兒上班日是鼓勵女生去專注在她們的能力和機會,而不只是在她們的外表上面。
也許是由於這個活動是如此的普遍和成功,帶你女兒上班日被批評是排擠男生,因此它於2003年擴大把男生也包括在內。這個活動的官方網站聲明,這個活動已經改變為給男生和女生 - 在他們一成不變性別角色可塑性較高的年齡期 - 有同樣的機會去發掘事業。全美國女性基金會執行經理Sara K. Gould又說:我們也應該展示給男生成為一位兒童照顧者和成為一為警察或經理,同樣是一個可以被接受的選擇。


有這麼一個帶你女兒上班日的目的是 ______。

  (A) 鼓勵女生去追求高薪的工作 

(B) 讓女生花更多的時間和她們的母親在一起


(C) 對女生展示工作和事業的各種機會


(D) 給女生參訪她們母親辦公室的一個機會



帶你女兒上班日被批評是因為有些人 ______。

  (A) 認為它對男生不公平

(B) 不喜歡工作時有小孩在


(C) 沒有女兒可帶去上班

(D) 寧願他們的女兒耽在家中




  (A) 男生已經被包括在帶你女兒上班日的活動內。
  (B) 男人和女人一直都是同等的被對待。

(C) 做家事和養育小孩只是給女生的工作。


(D) 女生在成長中獲得的關注較男生多。



為什麼女人在有些領域 - 例如技術 - 的人數較少?

  (A) 她們對這些領域沒有興趣。

(B) 她們沒有被鼓勵在這些領域中工作。


(C) 在這些領域中,她們的的酬勞沒有和男人一樣多。


(D) 她們不准在這些領域中受教育。


第40 至43 題為題組
In all cultures and throughout history hair has had a special significance. In ancient Egypt, as long ago as 1500 BC, the outward appearance expressed the person’s status, role in society and political position. Wigs played an important role in this: they were crafted with great artistry and often sprinkled with powdered gold.
In the 8th century BC, the pre-Roman Celts in Northern Europe wore their hair long. In a man it was the expression of his strength, in a woman of her fertility. The idea of long hair as a symbol of male strength is even mentioned in the Bible, in the story of Samson and Delilah. Samson was a leader of the Israelites. His long hair, which he never cut, gave him superhuman powers. The only person who knew his secret was Delilah. However, she spied for the enemy and betrayed him. One night she cut off his hair and thus robbed him of his strength.
In the classical Greek period, curly hair was not only the fashion, but it also represented an attitude towards life. Curls or locks were the metaphor for change, freedom and the joy of living. The ancient Greek word for curls and locks is related to intriguing and tempting someone.
Hair is also used as a symbol of opposition. The punk protest movement today uses hair as a symbol of disapproval of the “middle-class, conventional lifestyle” by wearing provocative haircuts and shockingly colored hair. A different form of objection could be seen in the women’s hairstyles in the 1960s. Women’s liberation was expressed in a short-cut, straight and simple hairstyle which underlined equality with men without neglecting female attributes. To this day hair has kept its importance as a symbol of power, youth, vitality and health.


The topic of this passage could best be described as _____ .


(A) the scientific study of hairstyles



(B) the symbolic meanings of hairstyles


(C) the art of designing different hairstyles


(D) the contemporary development of hairstyles



41. Why did ancient Greeks like to wear curls and locks?


(A) To attract others.

(B) To show off their artistry.


(C) To hide their real identity.

(D) To represent power and status.


How did women in the 1960s use hair to show objection?


(A) They grew long hair.

(B) They dyed their hair.


(C) They cut their hair short.

(D) They shaved their heads.


43. What can be inferred from the passage?


(A) Long curly hair has always been popular since ancient times.


(B) Ancient Egyptians did not pay much attention to their hairstyles.

  (C) The punk movement is one of the most successful movements in history.

Samson might never have been defeated if he had kept the secret to himself.

頭髮也當作是反對的象徵。現今龐客族的抗議運動是用頭髮剪成怪誕的髮型和染成聳動的顏色,當作是對“中產階級傳統式生活方式”不贊同的象徵。在1960年代,一種不同形式的反對,在婦女髮型上也可以被看到。婦女的解放表現在短、直、簡單的髮型,這種髮型 - 沒有減損女性的特質 - 強調了和男人的平等。直到今日,頭髮繼續保持它當作是權力、年青、活力和健康象徵的重要性。


對於這篇文章的主題可能的最佳描述為 _____ 。

  (A) 髮型的科學性研究

(B) 髮型的象徵意義

  (C) 設計不同髮型的藝術

(D) 當代髮型的演變




  (A) 去吸引別人

(B) 表現他們的藝術氣息

  (C) 去隱藏他們的真實身份

(D) 去表示權力和地位




  (A) 她們留長髮。

(B) 她們染她們的頭髮。

  (C) 她們剪短她們的頭髮。

(D) 她們剃光她們的頭髮。





(A) 自古希臘以來,長捲髮一直流行到現在。


(B) 古埃及人不太注重他們的髮型。


(C) 龐客族運動是歷史中最成功的運動之一。


(D) 如果他自己保守了秘密,Samson可能永遠不會被擊敗。


第44 至47 題為題組
Camille Mahlknecht, 9, has some big fun planned for this weekend. She and other residents of Agoura Hills, California, plan to pick up trash during their city’s annual cleanup. At the same time, Wissam Raed, 12, will be busy volunteering too. Thousands of miles away in Lebanon, Wissam plans to put on a play at an orphanage and bring potted plants to elderly people at a senior citizen center.
Some other children like Nathan White, 10, have personal reasons for volunteering. Nathan’s grandmother died of a heart attack. To help raise money for medical research, Nathan participated in Jump Rope for Heart. He and five other boys took turns jumping rope for two and half hours and collected more than US$1,200 in donations for the American Heart Association.
Millions of children around the globe lend a hand to their communities every year. Schools and parents also contribute to the rise in youth service. For example, many schools offer community service activities for students to join. Teachers either combine volunteer work with classroom lessons or make service work a requirement. Parents, on the other hand, encourage their kids to volunteer and do it with them.
Community service is particularly important in this recession time. As the need for monetary support and other aid has increased, many charitable organizations have experienced a significant drop in donations. Camille and other children who volunteer thousands of hours annually can fill in some of the gaps.
According to research, kids who start volunteering are twice as likely to continue doing good deeds when they are adults. So, grab a paintbrush, a trash bag, or whatever you need to help your community. You’ll love how you feel after helping others. Even dirty work can be lots of fun, if it’s for a good cause.


What’s the writer’s purpose of writing this passage?


(A) To recommend youth service programs to schools.


(B) To ask charity organizations to serve the community.


(C) To urge children to take part in volunteering activities.


(D) To propose alternatives for doing community services.


What is the main idea of the 3rd paragraph?


(A) Community service is gaining popularity among children.


(B) Families and schools help to make community service popular.


(C) Children now depend more on their teachers than on their parents.


(D) Nathan White had a special reason to raise money for medical research.


Why is community service important in a time of recession?


(A) It raises money for school activities.


(B) It teaches children to take care of the sick.


(C) It gives charity organizations some needed help.


(D) It encourages parents and teachers to work together.


What can be inferred from the passage?


(A) Community service can help prevent juvenile delinquency.


(B) Children will probably leave school and work as volunteers.


Organizing sports events for the school is a kind of community service.


Children who do volunteer work are more likely to grow up to be caring adults.

      Camille Mahlknecht,9歲,在這個週末,有一些很有趣的計劃。她和加州Agoura Hills市的一些居民計劃在他們城市年度清潔日去揀垃圾。在同一時間,Wissam Raed,12,也將忙於義工活動。在遠在千哩的Lebanon,Wissam計劃到一間孤兒院去演一齣戲和帶一些盆栽植物去給一家老人中心的老年人們。
另外有一些小孩,例如Nathan White,10歲,做義工活動是有個人的理由。Nathan的祖母死於突發性心臟病。為了給醫學研究募款,Nathan參加了為心臟跳繩的活動。他和其他5位小孩輪流跳了2個半小時,為美國心臟協會募到了1,200美元。



  (A) 向學校推荐青少年服務計畫。

(B) 要求慈善機構去服務社區。

  (C) 催促兒童去參加義工活動。

(D) 提出從事社區服務的替代方案。





(A) 社區服務正在兒童中獲得流行。



(B) 由於家庭和學校幫助使得社區服務流行。



(C) 現在兒童依賴老師比依賴他們的父母多。


(D) Nathan White 為醫學研究募款有一個特別的理由。




  (A) 它為學校活動募款。

(B) 它教導兒童去照顧病患。

  (C) 它給了慈善機構一些需要的協助。

(D) 它鼓勵父母和老師去合作工作。





(A) 社區服務可以協助防止青少年犯罪。

(B) 兒童可能離開學校去當義工。

(C) 為學校辦運動活動是一種社區服務。


(D) 從事義工的兒童長大後可能會成為一位有愛心的成人。


第48 至51 題為題組

    Downloading music over the Internet is pretty common among high school and college students. However, when students download and share copyrighted music without permission, they are violating the law.
A survey of young people’s music ownership has found that teenagers and college students have an average of more than 800 illegally copied songs each on their digital music players. Half of those surveyed share all the music on their hard drive, enabling others to copy hundreds of songs at any one time. Some students were found to have randomly linked their personal blogs to music sites, so as to allow free trial listening of copyrighted songs for blog visitors, or adopted some of the songs as the background music for their blogs. Such practices may be easy and free, but there are consequences.
Sandra Dowd, a student of Central Michigan University, was fined US$7,500 for downloading 501 files from LimeWire, a peer-to-peer file sharing program. Sandra claimed that she was unaware that her downloads were illegal until she was contacted by authorities. Similarly, Mike Lewinski paid US$4,000 to settle a lawsuit against him for copyright violation. Mike expressed shock and couldn’t believe that this was happening to him. “I just wanted to save some money and I always thought the threat was just a scare tactic.” “You know, everyone does it,” added Mike.
The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), the organization that files lawsuits against illegal downloaders, states that suing students was by no means their first choice. Unfortunately, without the threat of consequences, students are just not changing their behavior. Education alone is not enough to stop the extraordinary growth of the illegal downloading practice.


Why is it common for students to download copyrighted music?


(A) They don’t think that they will be caught.


(B) They want their friends to know that they are smart.


(C) They think it is a good way to make some extra money.


(D) They are against copyright protection over Internet music.


What does Mike mean by saying that “the threat was just a scare tactic”?


(A) One should not be afraid of threats.


(B) A lawsuit will result from the threat.


(C) It is unfair to scare people with a threat.


(D) No serious consequence will follow the threat.


What is RIAA’s attitude towards students’ illegal downloading behavior?


(A) They believe that education will help greatly in protecting copyrights.


(B) They profit from the fines illegal downloaders pay for copyright violations.


They like to sue students for downloading music illegally from the Internet.



They think that illegal downloading behavior needs tough measures to correct.


What’s the best title for this passage?


(A) Copyright Violators, Beware!


(B) How to Get Free Music Online!



A Survey of Students’ Downloading Habits



Eliminate Illegal Music Download? Impossible!

一項對年輕人音樂所有權的調查發現,青少年和大學生,在他們的數位音樂播放器裡,每個人平均有超過800首非法複製歌曲。有一半接受調查的人是將全部的音樂放在他們的硬碟裡,這使得其他人可以一次就複製到好幾百首歌曲。有一些學生是被發現在個人部落格隨便連結音樂網站 - 這樣就可以讓部落格訪客免費試聽有版權的歌曲 - 或是利用一些歌曲當作部落格的背景音樂。這樣的作法也許方便又免費,但會有後果。
Sandra Dowd,一位Central Michigan University的學生,在一個點對點的檔案分享程式LimeWire,下載了501個檔案因而被罰款7,500美金。Sandra聲稱,她是一直到被有關當局通知,她才知道她的下載是非法的。相似地,Mike Lewinski付了4000美金去擺平一件違反版權的官司。 Mike表示驚訝和他無法相信這件事會發生在他身上。“我只是想省些錢,一直以為這種警告威脅只是一個嚇唬人的策略。”Mike 又說“你知道,大家都這麼做的。”




(A) 他們不認為他們會被抓到。

(B) 他們要他們的朋友知道他們很聰明。

  (C) 他們認為這是賺外快的好方式。

(D) 他們反對網路音樂的版權保護。




  (A) 人不應該害怕警告威脅。 (B) 警告威脅會導致訴訟。
  (C) 用警告威脅來嚇人是不公平的。

(D) 警告威脅了之後不會有嚴重的後果。




  (A) 他們認為教育對於保護版權會很有幫助。

(B) 他們從非法下載版權者的罰金賺錢。


(C) 他們喜歡控告學生在網路上非法下載音樂。


(D) 他們認為非法下載行為需要嚴厲的措施去更正。





(A) 侵犯版權者,小心!

(B) 如何在網路上得取免費音樂!

  (C) 學生下載習慣的調查

(D) 掃除非法音樂下載?不可能!


第貳部分: 非選擇題( 28分)
一、中譯英( 8分)



  主詞 動詞    

Jade Mountain is the tallest mountain in East Asia - famous for its diverse ecology.

  主詞 動詞     名詞片語  



  主詞 動詞        

People vote online for it to make it become one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

  主詞 動詞 不定詞 不定詞    

make 是使役動詞(文法書p.136),所以後面的不定詞to become 要省略to

二、英文作文( 佔2 0 分)



第一段:-> 不用擔心“預算” 隨心所欲過一天
-> 邀請誰 
-> 為什麼?

第二段:-> 去哪裡? 
-> 做什麼?
-> 為什麼?

注意事項:由於題目是”假設性”的,所以許多地方要用”假設語氣”的寫法 (文法書p.119-122)

If I could live without worrying about budget for one day, I would share this special day with my family because I have a very close bond with them. We have always been there for each other and shared everything together.

      With my family, I would like to travel to every country in the world; however, the possibility of that in one day is impossible. Therefore, I would like to go to a five-star exotic beach resort overseas. On the beach, we could build sand castles, lie under the sun, go swimming, diving and water skiing. Furthermore, we could dine, dance, get a massage, and laugh in the resort. Experiencing these activities and spending quality time together would be a wonderful way to spend this day.

If I could live without worrying about budget for one day, I would share this special day with my family....
由於題目是”假設性”(沒有發生)的,所以本句是用”假設語氣” (文法書p.119-122)









有鑑於此,我們在網站上成立了一個Make Sentence (Facebook造句專欄);文章是許多句子組合而成的,歡迎前往造句,打好你的文法基礎和正確的遣詞用字能力。





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