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Book: 英文發音技巧
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Date: Sunday, 26 March 2023, 5:16 PM

3. 連音

Strategy 12: Linking - final consonants 

Video 1: The 3 Rules of final consonant linking [學生講義pdf下載]
In part 1/3, you will learn 3 final consonant linking rules that will help you understand how native speakers connect words in natural speech. 

Video 2: Tips for practicing linking and 1 practice set 
In part 2/3, we will give you tips on how to practice these rules as well as a sample practice. 

Video 3: Brooklyn 99, TV show linking practice [答案pdf下載]
In part 3/3, you watch Brooklyn 99, a popular TV show, and practice the newly learned linking rules.

用TOEIC 新多益練習連音

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